Welcome to the New Revolution!

🔮 Break your barriers, destroy the chains, blow up the jail that houses your pain. Today is a new day. Today's the day you join the Vargas Revolution. 

🧚‍♀️ It's not what we move towards that puts that pit of fear in our stomachs. It's the pain, loneliness, hopeless void and cold sweats we sprint away from. If we fail to recognize that what we're running away from is real, the promise of what's to come is never sweet enough and success is short-lived.

🧿 Today is the day the promise becomes just as real as the weapon against your pain. 

To your success!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         =-

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Bullet Proof Dispute Letter Creator

Stop guessing whether you're letter is good enough and know that you've sent the BEST version, with the Bullet Proof Dispute Letter Creator!

Deep Dive Dispute Workshop

Bring your problems and I'll bring the solutions - access the recording now

Letterfy180 Dispute Letter Creator Apps

Create unlimited dispute letters based on scenario, fill-in-the-blank or round using dispute reasons and letters backed by 1095+ days of split tests!


StealthInvader is an app that lets you create bureau, creditor and collector disputes as well as edit and print - all in-browser!

2 Dispute Databases - Reasons & Letters

This Black Friday, you can access 2 growing databases: 

1. 310+ dispute reasons 

2. 52 dispute letters

How to Correct or Remove Student Loans

Learn how to handle student loans, even if you've disputed before and failed

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