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The Subscriber Hub gives you access to tools, apps, tutorials, and more that will enhance your tactics and strategies for increasing your credit scores (or your clients!)

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BulletProof Credit Sweep Dispute Tactics Flow

This flow shows you 4 different dispute stages and specific tactic flows that can be used to remove negative accounts

Easily Dispute Each Negative Account Type - Progression Chart

Use the Dispute Progression Chart to easily dispute each type of negative item on a credit report using the credit sweep factual dispute strategy without having to guess what dispute type should come next!

Account Tracker & Strategy Card

Use the Account Tracker & Strategy Card to get better results by visually inspecting your accounts. 

How to Fix Bad Credit Permanently - Full Step-by-step Process

Learn the system that I use 100% of the time to get permanent results, even when the account is verified

5-Part Dispute Reason Formula

This 5-part dispute reason formula can be applied to ANY negative item that you want to remove from your credit report

HIPAA Process for Medical Collections

Access the step-by-step HIPAA process for medical collections (this is for PAID medical collections ONLY)

3 Dispute Letters for Reinserted Accounts

If you've ever had deleted accounts come back on your report, you'll want these 3 letters!

The Most Important Cheat Sheet

💡 👉 Transform your RESULT-LESS letters using a battle-tested cheat sheet. Get your unlimited results 👈  

Top 12 Errors McCarthy Law Sues Banks & Bureaus Over

This is a breakdown of the top 12 errors that McCarthy Law sues the banks and credit bureaus for failing to correct after a dispute

Dispute Impact

Ready to deconstruct 3 of my best dispute letter strategies, ?

Every choice your make with your disputes either increases or decreases your chances of getting results. The Impact Map explains 3 different strategies you can take (out of tons) to increase your results. 

3 Of My Best Dispute Letter Strategies Deconstructed: Factual, Tactical & Challenge

If there were only 1 strategy or tactic or method, getting results would be as simple as all consumers sending the same letter, waiting 30 days and BOOM. Job done. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that and the most important thing to remember is that proper preparation prevents poor performance. 

Because of this, I've created quite a few resources that will help you in your preparation process to ensure maximum results and minimal duration while also achieving permanent deletions and corrections. 

The Dispute Impact Mapping breaks down and explains 3 different strategies you can use as well as the dispute reason levels. 

Simply click the link to access this now and you'll get access to the video and the canvas access link to browse the board yourself.

Dispute Scenario Game

Can you win the Dispute Scenario Game?

If it were as simple as playing a game to learn everything you needed to know to obtain the results you were looking for, then I'd be a fazillionaire, so let's not kid ourselves. This is NOT a learn-all game (cuz it's doesn't exist). 

What it is, is a cool little scenario game that gives you account info for 2 charge-offs and there's 8 possible outcomes based on your choices. In the end, you'll either win or lose the game. 

Do you have what it takes to win?

Anatomy of a Dispute Letter

Anatomy of a Dispute Letter explains the required details of a letter.

Anatomy of a Dispute Letter explains each and every required section of the dispute letter and its requirements. It also includes 2 different dispute flow examples as well as a few dispute reason examples.

The Perfect Dispute Reason Creator - Get Results Backed By Science (100% Free!)

This dispute reason formula is backed by science (in other words, over 27,300 dispute split tests!), and makes it easy to understand what your dispute reason format should be. 

Check out how fast & easy it is to use the Perfect Dispute Reason Creator here

Simply use the form to enter/choose your options and then copy the result from the database. This can be pasted directly into your dispute letter or onto a fresh page for editing for further optimization!

Check out the easy, step-by-step instructions here

Triple-Strategy Dispute Calendar

This calendar outlines a 3-prong attack strategy targeted at the bureaus, creditors and collectors to make them tap out early. As Bruce Buffer says, “IIIIt’s Tiiiime!”

5 Ways to Write Dispute Reasons for the Same Account Type

Learn how to write dispute reasons for same account types, i.e. collections or charge-offs

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